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Don't make fun of them~
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Got tagged by LunastelTheOtaku 

0. This Pokémon is you.

Jolteon by CreepyJellyfish

1. This Pokémon is your best friend:
Eevee by CreepyJellyfish

2. This Pokémon is your boss that you need to impress for a promotion:

3. This Pokémon is your partner for your science project:
Eevee by CreepyJellyfish

5. This Pokémon is your mother-in-law:

6. This Pokémon is your boyfriend/girlfriend:
- (forever alone, lone wolf ;a;)

7. This Pokémon is your ex:

8. This Pokémon stalks your every waking moment:

9. This Pokémon likes to snuggle with you:

10. This Pokémon ate all your cake:
Plusle by CreepyJellyfishMinun by CreepyJellyfish(plural :P)

11. This Pokémon is what you felt in bed last night:
Shaymin by CreepyJellyfish

12. This Pokémon punched your mom:
Pangoro by CreepyJellyfish

13. This Pokémon will do anything to steal your shoes:
Murkrow by CreepyJellyfish

14. This Pokémon died by your own hands:
Primeape by CreepyJellyfish (was looking for a fight, which I gave him ._.)

15. This Pokémon is your loyal companion for life:
Eevee by CreepyJellyfish

16. This Pokémon reads you bedtime stories:
X/Y Jirachi Cursor by mid0456

17. This Pokémon is your loving pet:
Pachirisu by CreepyJellyfish

18. This Pokémon is your creepy dentist:
Mienshao by CreepyJellyfish

19. This Pokémon is what you dream about every night:
Gardevoir by CreepyJellyfish

20. This Pokémon is what you found in your basement when you moved into your new house:
Furret by CreepyJellyfish

21. This Pokémon plays with you in an alternate universe:
Furret by CreepyJellyfish

22. This Pokémon is your guardian angel:
X/Y Mega Absol Cursor by mid0456

23. This Pokémon wants to draw with you:
Lopunny by CreepyJellyfish Mawile-mega by CreepyJellyfish

24. This Pokémon is the first you will encounter:
Emolga by CreepyJellyfish

25. This Pokémon will come take care of you when you can't:
Meloetta by CreepyJellyfish

26. This Pokémon will be the cause of your death:
X/Y Mega Lucario Cursor by mid0456

27. This Pokémon loves to steal your hats:
Victini by CreepyJellyfish

28. This Pokémon always borrows money from you:
Furret by CreepyJellyfish

29. This Pokémon loves to play video games with you:
Furret by CreepyJellyfish

30. This Pokémon is in charge of tagging people: 
Jolteon by CreepyJellyfish

Tagging people: XPrisca150 Seizu-sha JPGKnight Naruu-kun BittersweetHorizon 
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo OP
  • Watching: SPN (again) s06e12


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Usagi Kuyani
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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HeijiXConan (/Shinichi)

Music video so that ya can listen while reading my profile:

NEED to do stuff:…

Name: Usagi Kuyani
Alias: Usagi/Miss Usagi
Nicknames: Usagi; Bun-bun (self-preclaimed :XD:); tell me, and I'll put here lol
(Real name is a secret, haha)
Age: 18
Hair colour: Purple/Violet (in real: very blondy:P)
Eye color normal-side: (Bloody) Red iris
Eye color madness-side: The right eye is modified to a green target eye. The other is (bloody) red. The eye white's are black.
(in real: gray and a little blue)
Status: Single ^-^ ... (TT^TT) 20 Dec
Fav.Color: PURPLE, violet, lilac and such. Other colors like black and white are cool too 'cause they fit with many other colors :D

Holland Stamp by NoNamepje digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK A Mouse Artist Stamp by nirman Paint Tool SAI User -Stamp- by hixdei-love I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12

Paint Tool SAI User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel Gimp User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel Google Chrome User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel Headphones User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel

:iconpointrightplz: :iconpointrightplz: :iconpointrightplz:Yaoi Fangirl bumper sticker by 564223gurl :iconpointleftplz: :iconpointleftplz: :iconpointleftplz:

Support B(oy) L(ove) couples:

:star: Misaki x Usagi (Usami) (Junjou Romantica series) [excists]
:star: Onodera x Takano (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi series) [excists]
:star: Haruka x Makoto (Free!) [fan-made]
:star: Shinichi/Conan x Heiji (Detective Conan) [fan-made]
:star: Shinichi/Conan x Kaito (Detective Conan/Magic Kaito) [fan-made]
:star: Shuichi x Eiri (Gravitation) [excists]
:star: Chiga x Kokusai (Hey, Class President!) [excists]
:star: Akira x Shirogane (Monochrome Factor) [excists]
:star: Naoki x Ryunosuke (Tight-rope) [excists]
:star: Keita x Kazuki (Gakuen Heaven) [excists]
:star: Luffy x Law (One Piece) [fan-made]
:star: Luffy x Zoro (One Piece) [fan-made]
:star: Tsuna x Mukuro (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) [fan-made....? XD]
:star: Tsuna x Hibari (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) [fan-made]
:star: Nick Burkhardt x Sean Renard (Grimm = serie on tv) [fan-made]
:star: Nai x Gareki (Karneval) [fan-made(...? XD)]
:star: Natsu x Gray (Fairy Tail) [fan-made.....darn it XD]
:star: Natsu x Sting (Fairy Tail) [fan-made.... GRRR XD]
:star: Rin x Bon (Ao no Exorcist) [fan-made....... I think? XD jk jk]
:star: Kenichi x Natsu (Hystories Strongest Discipline Kenichi) [fan-made....;3;]
:star: Will Graham x Hannibal Lector (Hannibal = tv series) [I wish this was true... but it's not really ewe]
:star: John Watson x Sherlock Holmes FTW! :XD: (Sherlock (BBC)) [nyuuuuu, so close :XD: season 3 made me laugh so hard .... :XD:]
:star: Kuroko x Kagami (Kuroko no Basuke) [ooooooh gash :heart: :XD: I wish it was real, nyuhuhu]
:star: Kuroko x Aomine (Kuroko no Basuke) [I like Kagami x Kuroko lil' bit more though :XD:]
:star: Kuroko x Akashi (Kuroko no Basuke) [Akashi can be so "obsessive" with Kuroko... so yeah :XD:]
:star: Yukiteru x Aru (Mirrai Nikki ... and no, I haven't watched the whole itself ^^') [It excist??? That kiss was amazing... come on]
:star: Hinata x Kageyama (Haikyuu!!) [I'm getting worse by the minute, so don't even think about trying to go all rage on me because I ship much :XD: YAOIFTW!!.......... non-existent relationship ;A;]
:star: Dean x Castiel (Supernatural = tv-serie) [whatever, I know a lot of peepz agree xD]


>>> Moved the stamps here <<<

>>> Also, awesome AMV's here ^^ <<<


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