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Helluuw everybody!

I'm starting to think that I will make a story about my character: Usagi Kuyani.
My dA page is mostly about her, and sometime's I love to begin stories!
If you want to know which stories I like to write, here is an example of a book/story that I'm writing:

[Title still unknown]

After a half hour when mister Emond is finally done with calling someone, he walks out of the classroom. Isamu doesn't hear footsteps in the hall anymore. He feels his heartbeat through his whole body. Because he was standing behind the door - and with his heavy heartbeat -, he couldn't follow the conversation completely. Isamu heard either way the words: Students, fire, money and news. 'What would that conversation be about?' thinks Isamu.
Meanwhile, he is pacing through the classroom. 'I don't have the time to think about that, I need to leave here quickly before the concierges come to clean and see me here!' Isamu runs toward the door and wants to open it.
The door won't open... 'Shucks I'm locked, AGAIN!' said Isamu. He looks around himself. It is suddenly hot in the classroom. 'Fire!' he said. Isamu thought fast, picked up a chair and aimed it at a window. He saw a orange/yellow blaze behind him. 'It is now or never!' Isamu threw it the chair - the window broke - and jumped out of it.

PM: This is somewhere in a chapter, this isn't the start of the story.

Well, as you know (for the Usagi Kuyani story) I need some random characters. I was thinking of some characters (OC's) of deviantArt.
If you want to join, just say it in the comment section below, with the title you want to show up (like: Usagi is the Main character, Alice (a friend of mine) is someone I will meet and become friends with/ later-coming-friend.) I will put your dA site next to your name. :)

- {Main character} Usagi Kuyani by :iconusagitail: (me)
- {Upcoming friend} Alice Yami by :iconmycandyloveplayer:
- {Test subject female/male}
- {Test subject female/male}
- {Doctor female/male}
- {Assistant female/male}
- {Assistant female/male}
- {Rock star} Bara Hikaru by :iconbittersweethorizon:
- {...*}

*= I've not decided all of the characters YET, you may come up with something random

Sorry if my English isn't that good (I'm not a English/British/American-girl, and the story is Dutch :XD: :$)
Greetings! :D
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BittersweetHorizon Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012
oh hey if you want a character you can use my OC Bara ...[link]
She's supposed to be an OP OC of mine but in here you can use her as a normal person without any devil fruit powers..
Her personality is like the blazing fire; she's a daredevil, stubborn, impatient and immature. Loves fooling around, rock music and she hates injustice to others.
if you need any other info, you can ask me...
I hope she suits any role.

btw the section from the chapter is suspenseful.
I would read definitely read it if it was in English.
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September 24, 2012


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